150 million people use Threads every month.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks it might be Meta's next game with a billion users.


More than 150 million people use Meta’s Threads app every month, which is about 20 million more than in February. During Meta’s first-quarter earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg gave the latest amount of users and said that the app “continues to be on the trajectory that I hope to see.”

The update makes it look like Threads is still growing regularly, though not as quickly as it did at firstMore than 100 million people downloaded the app in its first week, but after that, people stopped using it as much. But Threads’ growth has been more steady over the last six months, and Zuckerberg thinks the service could become Meta’s next billion-user app.

Notably, Threads seems to be doing better than X (what used to be Twitter) in some ways. Business Insider reported earlier this week that Apptopia, a data company, said Threads has more daily users in the US than X. (X says it has 550 million daily users around the world.) Threads got another big win not long ago when Taylor Swift joined the site to promote her new record.

For now, Meta’s only app that doesn’t have ads is Threads. This means that the company doesn’t make money directly from the app. That’s likely to change eventually, as long as Threads keeps growing. Zuckerberg has said in the past that the company will “focus on monetization” only after the app has grown a lot.

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