Get Paid to Write Articles: 21 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $100+ Per Article

21 Amazing Sites That Pay $100+ Per Article [2023 Update]

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Writing articles can earn you money, whether you’re a writer seeking for established outlets or a guest blogger looking to bring in traffic.

Many sites will pay you to contribute content alongside a bio and link to your site, but few will pay well.
Article-writing pay sites:

Sites where you can get paid to write articles

1. Fiverr

Create a “Gig” and sell on Fiverr to get paid to create articles.

Fiverr gigs are bought every four seconds, and freelancers and professionals earn $5–$15,000+ every project.

The greatest Fiverr writers make over $100 per post, so start there if that’s what you want.

2. Greatist

Niche: Mental Health/Relationships/Health Improving

Amount: More than $125

Payment Method: Unknown

Greatist blogs about 20- and 30-something relationships, mental health, and life.

They want mental health, relationship, and wellness articles. Greatist accepts career-related stories about work/life balance, productivity, substance misuse, and social media/technology.

They welcome 1,000–1,500-word articles and pay at least $125.

3. Longreads

Niche: Anything

Amount: From $250 to $1,500+

Payment Method: Unknown

Longreads seeks well-written, well-told, and easy-to-follow stories on relatable human experience.

Blogs, reading lists, short interviews, memoirs, critical essays, book reviews, investigative projects, and long-form journalism are desired.

Your entry might be 800–6,000 words, depending on the category. They pay $250–$1,500+ every piece.

4. Listverse

Niche: General niche

Amount: $100

Pay with Paypal

Listverse, with over 15 million monthly readers, may be the online list authority.

They offer $100 for unique 10-item lists of at least 1,500 words.

5. Copyhackers

Copywriting/ Startups/Marketing/Freelancing

Amount: $325

Pay with Paypal

Copyhackers wants useful content for entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and designers.

Launching and expanding a business, freelancing for lifestyle/money, conversion copywriting, UX and A/B testing, product design, persuasion, and psychology are desired topics.

Copyhackers anticipate well-researched articles. They prefer first-person stories and rarely accept anything under 2,000 words.

Each piece costs $325.

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