5 cryptocurrencies to buy before the 2024 bull run

5 Crypto to Accumulate Before 2024 Bull Run

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The crypto markets got off to a great start in December. Bitcoin is up about 15% since the beginning of the month.

Investors are buying the world’s biggest cryptocurrency out of fear that they might miss out on the so-called “dovish” policy shift that the US Federal Reserve is about to make. Also, Bitcoin will soon be halved, and spot Bitcoin ETF approvals are expected soon.

However, buyers would be smart to buy a lot of other cryptocurrencies before the expected bull market in 2024. This is especially true for Bitcoin, which many experts think could hit new all-time highs.

Minetrix for Bitcoin ($BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cool new decentralized Bitcoin mining system that is getting a lot of attention. Its $BTCMTX token presale has already raised close to $5 million from early donors.

The system is powered by the $BTCMTX token. Investors who buy $BTCMTX can then stake their tokens to start making Bitcoin Minetrix mining credits that can’t be given to anyone else.

People who own these credits can then burn them, and in return, they will get a cut of Bitcoin Minetrix’s Bitcoin mining profits.

People who own $BTCMTX tokens will also get $BTCMTX rewards. Some of the tokens are already set aside to reward people who staked early.

The Bitcoin Minetrix system is run by smart contracts that were built on top of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. Its tokens are also released on this blockchain.

This means that the system is more open and safer than other controlled cloud mining services.

ETH stands for Ether.

Bitcoin has been the most talked about cryptocurrency in 2023, but Ether (ETH), which is the second most valuable, has been left in the dust.

While Bitcoin is up more than 165% so far this year, Ethereum is up only 90%. This is still a very good return.

There are, however, several bullish trends that could help Ether in the coming year.

In the US, big asset managers have started to file spot Ethereum ETF plans, so Ether should gain from bets on institutions adopting it.

Also, the quantity of Ether has once again turned deflationary, even though Bitcoin’s growth rate will be cut in half in April.

According to ultrasounds. Money, Ether’s supply growth rate was about -0.66% year over year. This is because there has been more action on the chain, which has caused gas fees to rise and the burn rate to rise.

Ether’s decline rate could go up if there is more activity on the chain. During rising markets, activity on the chain usually goes up a lot.

This past week, Ether was just under $2,300. It is still more than 50% below its all-time high of $4,900 in 2021.

The coin is a good one to stack right now because it could go up a lot in 2024.

The Meme Kombat ($MK)

For a crypto start-up called Meme Kombat, a new deal that has been getting a lot of attention is very interesting.

Users of Meme Kombat can bet on the results of exciting fights between characters based on some of the most famous meme coins in the crypto world. The game’s platform brings together the worlds of crypto gaming and gambling.

Early $MK investors can also get very high stake returns—right now they’re more than 100% a year.

Even though it just started a few weeks ago, the project has already raised more than $2.5 million.

Forlana (SOL)

Solana’s SOL coin, which competes with Ethereum, is a higher test play than Ether. This means it has a bigger potential upside, but it also has a bigger potential downside.

But now that the bull market has started and there is action on the blockchain that shows Solana is still being used a lot, the SOL price risks look very good for going up.

Few people would want to put all of their money into SOL, but it could be a great way to diversify and boost average portfolio returns.

The TG.Casino ($TGC)

TG.Casino, an interesting new crypto gaming site based on Telegram, is taking web3 by storm.

2023 was a great year for crypto gaming. Protocols like Rollbit saw huge increases in users, and the platform’s token also saw big gains.

But it’s still hard for people who aren’t familiar with crypto to bet on these platforms because they have to learn difficult ideas like how to set up, connect, and use crypto wallets.

TG.Casino wants to make crypto gambling as easy as Unibot made advanced crypto trade. They will do this by automating things with Telegram and making crypto gambling available to Telegram’s 700 million (and growing quickly) users.

The exciting presale at TG.casino is to raise money for platform growth. The company has already raised over $3.4 million by selling its own $TGC coin.

Early investors are already getting around 170% returns thanks to prizes set aside just for people who stake $TGC tokens (all presale tokens are automatically staked).

As more money comes into the presale, this return will decrease over time. However, $TGC holders will also benefit from TG.Casino’s planned token buyback scheme, will give $TGC holders passive income and raise the price of the token through token burns.


Disclosure: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice

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