5 dumb errors you’re making with technology safety

Here are five dumb blunders you're doing with regard to technology security.

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You may believe that your cybersecurity strategy is sound. You employ firewalls and VPNs as well as secure passwords as preventative measures. However, occasionally even the strongest shield will get dented.

It’s hard to remember all the passwords and choices you’ve made over the years.. Use this as a gentle reminder to enter and quickly modify your situation to better protect yourself.

1. Using the same PIN for your bank and phone’s lock screens

A bundle of codes is not something you want to forget. It’s easy to forget the PIN, so you use the same one every time.

Don’t give up when you want to! It could bring you terrible financial luck. Let’s say you take out your phone while you’re relaxing at the coffee shop. Someone behind you could find your code in a few minutes, write it down, and then use it to get into your bank account.

Use distinct PINs to keep yourself safe. Take into consideration using a password manager if you’re having trouble remembering them all.

2. You always have Bluetooth turned on.

Similar to cellular networks and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is a short-range wireless radio technology that can accomplish simpler tasks at shorter distances. Bluetooth uses no data and may be used without a network connection or cellphone service.

Bluetooth contains weaknesses, much like any other connection, such as a Wi-Fi network. To use Bluetooth to take over your phone, hackers and con artists need to be nearby, but in most public areas, you should be able to keep a safe distance from strangers.

Your iPhone may be disabled from Bluetooth in a few different ways. To turn off Bluetooth, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth. Alternatively, you may launch Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen, and then hitting the Bluetooth icon.

Follow the same steps for Android phones: In Settings, go to Connected Devices, then Connection Preferences, and finally Bluetooth. This will turn off Bluetooth. The steps are different for each type of phone. If these steps don’t help you find Bluetooth, try looking for it.

3. Leaving your router or Wi-Fi network unattended

An unprotected Wi-Fi connection is one of the few things that a cybercriminal is more envious of. They can assault your devices over your network if they’re feeling very wicked. What if someone stole your data instead?

Through your wifi, they may potentially download risky items or browse unauthorized websites.

Step 1: Construct a unique, difficult-to-crack password. Next, secure your house and turn off your Wi-Fi.
Make sure your router has a strong, secure, and distinctive password while you’re at it. If you haven’t thought of your router as a vulnerability, you’re not alone.

4. On spam, you select Unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe from legitimate companies, simply click on the link. Most well-known firms that send you newsletters or promotional emails abide by the laws governing email marketing. Press the unsubscribe button now.

for unwanted spam sent by unidentified senders? Unsubscribing might make the situation worse. You unintentionally verify that your email address is operational. maybe resulting in further spam. Avoid clicking the unsubscribe option if the email is a random one telling you about a long-lost prince or a miraculous treatment. In your email client, mark the email as spam.

5. You visit random websites, click on adverts, and download files.

It’s simple to damage your PC in this way. It’s advised not to click on an advertisement if you see something you like. It would be preferable if you used your search bar to go to the company’s website. Look for the item in the advertisement there.

Even if there are a few more procedures involved, it’s better to be cautious than sorry. After all, making malicious advertisements is a really simple task for hackers. They may even pose as legitimate businesses to lower your suspicions.

This is why you should never click on advertisements, even if they appear trustworthy and safe. Rather, locate the source on your own.

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