6 free resources for getting started in cybersecurity

Here are six free tools that might help you get started in cybersecurity.

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Not only is cybersecurity becoming more and more popular as a vocation, but it’s also becoming more and more important to the global infrastructure. Entering the realm of intrusion detection systems and threat vectors, however, may seem like a trip reserved for the IT elite. But the truth is far more inclusive. Differentiated talents and experiences are catered for via a variety of pathways and entrance points within the sector.

Cybersecurity jobs are multifaceted, requiring a special combination of intuition, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding communication and problem-solving abilities. They are not just tech-centric jobs.

Cybersecurity has several opportunities for specialization and skill, much like healthcare. It provides a broad range of opportunities for professional advancement in all business domains. Here are a few great places to start learning about cybersecurity for free.


Cyberseek offers comprehensive, useful data regarding supply and demand in the cybersecurity job market to aid in closing the skills gap in the field. You may find out what roles to aim for when beginning a cybersecurity career, how in-demand cybersecurity jobs are in your neighborhood, and much more.

Federal Online Learning Environment

Many courses are offered by the Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) for no cost and without requiring a login. Ransomware, cloud security, cyber risk management, cyber intelligence, and other subjects are covered.

The hacksplaining

This page offers straightforward explanations for a wide range of vulnerabilities. Learning about clickjacking, password management, malvertising, email spoofing, and other related topics is a smart idea if you want to work in the cybersecurity industry.

Cybersecurity Lab at PBS

You will defend a business against increasingly complex cyberattacks in the Cybersecurity Lab. It is your responsibility to overcome cybersecurity issues to fortify your cyber defenses and repel the attackers. You’ll write programming, break passwords, and repel attacks.

The NICE Framework, or Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity

The NICE Framework provides a summary of cybersecurity positions and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for applicants to carry out their work responsibilities successfully.

W3Schools’ basic cybersecurity course

This online course provides an overview of the many areas that make up cybersecurity. Cybercrime, firewalls, port scanning, network assaults, Wi-Fi attacks, and much more are covered.

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