7 arguments against using social media for business.

Seven arguments against using corporate social media

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You’ve been hearing about business social networks (Yammer, Liferay, etc.) for some time now, these tools that would enable you to do a variety of persuasive actions. However, are these instruments useful? We will attempt to dissuade you.

1. The corporate social network diminishes the significance of your employment.
Why should you utilize an instrument that decreases the number of emails sent and received? If you spend less time managing your email, you will have less work to complete, and your supervisor may be willing to assign you additional tasks. Be cautious of instruments that promise to save you time!
2 . The corporate social network misrepresents the product
Why not ask a query on the enterprise social network and wait for colleagues to respond? Imagine, however, that a coworker named Nina (who also works with Robert) responds to your query. Nina will assist you in resolving your issue, and she appears to have been rather pampered by nature. When you encounter her at the coffee corner, you observe a disparity between her photograph and actual appearance. To avoid such hazards, avoid using this hazardous instrument.

3. The corporate social network erodes your authority
Why would you want to share your knowledge with the rest of the organization if you are aware that concealing information enables you to establish your authority and manipulate your coworkers more effectively? Sharing is generous? My sight!

4. The corporate social network is a time waster.
It is not necessary to use a collaborative instrument to discuss a problem or a decision. It is even a waste of effort. To be more productive, it is preferable to make decisions independently, without consulting your coworkers.

5. The enterprise social network is overly complex
It is absurd to force a new tool on an organization when newsletters, Facebook groups, disseminated paper notes, doodles, faxes, Minitel press releases, etc. are perfectly adequate for communication. These options are also considerably more effective.

The corporate social network prevents you from enjoying yourself.
The RSE is optimal for providing visibility into the work performed by other teams, which makes it possible to avoid duplication of effort. However, by attempting to avoid duplication of effort, we deprive ourselves of the enjoyment of continually wishing to reinvent the wheel. It is preferable to allow everyone to redo previously completed work, as doing so can be sometimes enjoyable.

7 – The business social network Who has the opportunity to check out the photos of the staff party
The vision of the general manager for the future of the organization, or the menu from the company cafeteria? This information is significantly uninspiring. It is preferable to invest your time researching actual useful information, such as that found on the websites of Paris Match or Here.

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