A person has received an implant of Neuralink’s brain chip, according to Elon Musk.

The individual is “recovering well,” the billionaire claimed.

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Elon Musk claims that the first human patient to get a Neuralink brain implant has done so. One day following the surgery, Musk stated that the patient “is recovering well,” suggesting that the treatment was successful.

With FDA approval, Neuralink, a company focused on developing brain-computer interfaces (BCI), started enrolling human subjects for its initial clinical study in the fall of last year. Those “who have paralysis due to cervical injury to the spinal cord or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)” may be eligible for the trial, according to Neuralink’s statement at the time. The business released a statement saying, “The initial goal of our BCI is to give people the capacity to control a machine’s cursor or keyboard with their thoughts alone.”

Musk withheld any more information on the process or the state of the trial. “Initial results show excellent neuron spike detection,” he stated. The company’s achievement of successfully implanting the gadget into a human patient would be significant, as Musk has stated that it may eventually allow humans to experience different universes. A government inquiry into the company’s possible violations of animal welfare rules is also ongoing.

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