A software issue keeps it from coming on when vehicles are in reverse.

Tesla recalls 200,000 vehicles because of a faulty backup camera

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In the US, Tesla is recalling 200,000 cars because the backup camera isn’t working properly. The cameras were supposed to activate when the cars were in reverse, but there have been allegations that they wouldn’t, which is a serious safety concern. Autoblog reports that Tesla has handled 81 warranty claims that may be connected to the problem.

A few 2023 Model Y, Model S, and Model X vehicles are included in the recall. Given that Tesla claims to have delivered 1.8 million cars in 2023, this recall represents more than 10% of the company’s annual production. According to Reuters, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated on the subject and stated that a software glitch was the cause of the issue.

Thus, all of the recalled cars are equipped with software versions 2023.44.30 through 2023.44.30.6, or 2023.44.100, and are powered by Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” computer 4.0. Owners of Tesla vehicles can verify the software versions that are installed. The NHTSA claims that the firm fixed the issue with an over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade.

Tesla decided on a recall on January 12 after learning about the issue in December. By March 22, customers will get a letter informing them of the issue. According to the firm, there have been no incidents, injuries, or fatalities linked to the issue.

Six weeks have passed since Tesla recalled more than two million cars due to significant safety concerns with its cutting-edge driving assistance technology, Autopilot. An OTA software update was also used to remedy it.

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