Act Games will move Japanese Web3 games to Sky Mavis’ Ronin network

Act Games plans to move Japanese Web3 titles to the Ronin network on Sky Mavis.

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Act Games and Sky Mavis have teamed to bring South Korean and Japanese games on the Ronin Web3 network.

Axie Infinity, the breakout game on Web3, was created by Sky Mavis. Since the game’s release in 2021, gamers have exchanged $4 billion worth of goods and services. Following Axie Infinity’s success, Sky Mavis created its own blockchain network, Ronin, and is now making it accessible to other video game developers.

Act Games is a South Korean video game studio that has a history of collaborations with well-known Japanese IP, such as Bubble Bobble, Hello Kitty, Zoids, and Aggretsuko.

Together, they intend to move Act Games’ entire portfolio on the Ronin platform, starting with Zoids Wild Arena, a blockchain trading card game based on the critically acclaimed anime series produced by Japan’s biggest toy company, Tomy Company.

Act Games has created four games since 2019, and they have received over three million downloads. Zoids Wild Arena, the company’s most recent release, is a blockchain trading card game (TCG) that is based on the 1983-launched Tomy Company Zoids property, which includes the anime series Zoids Wild and Zoids Wild Zero.

“ACT Games is renowned for its ability to broaden renowned IPs, cross-platform, and increase player engagement. With the support of this partnership, we will be able to integrate our web3 knowledge and experience with nostalgic content that already has a devoted following,” stated Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen in a statement.

Similar to the classic TCG dynamics, players can trade, fight, and buy cards in the game. In 2024, ACT Games intends to launch a brand-new category of casual games with Hello Kitty and Friends.

Our primary goal is to provide entertaining and engaging games. We view blockchain as transformational layers that improve game experiences rather than just as tech tools. Our relationship with Sky Mavis goes beyond simple migration; it’s a long-standing alliance that combines our proficiency in creating stand-alone IP-based games with their Web3 knowledge. “We’re excited to provide the Axie Infinity community with new and exciting content experiences,” ACT Games’ business development lead, Viggo Chung, said in a statement.

Gamers that switch to a Ronin wallet will be able to get airdropped tokens and Zoids NFTs as prizes. Players of Zoids Wild Arena may sign up and participate here. November 8th is the date of the migration.

Zoids Wild Arena, which is still in beta, will launch globally and be accessible everywhere else with the exception of China, Korea, and Japan.

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