Rewards for internet content consumption will be given to Africans

Africans will receive incentives for using the internet to consume content.

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The in-app digital currency Kola, which serves as a token incentive for viewing content and can be swapped for other services like data limits, is presently being tested by the media business Take Back the Mic (TBTM).

This was revealed by TBTM CEO Derrick N. Ashong in his keynote speech at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress Africa 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda.

According to him, the invention aims to close the widening digital divide by enabling at least 70% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population to access high-speed mobile data by 2030.

“We go from consuming material to engaging in e-commerce; the data is richer, and communities can now interact and obtain information more easily. This makes possible all of the social good that we wish to pursue,” he said.

According to Ashong, TBTM and MTN Nigeria are now collaborating to extend the service.

He claimed there wasn’t enough money invested in ICT infrastructure in Africa and demanded new ways to close the connection gap.

He claims that underrepresented communities are unable to effectively communicate their culture to the world due to a lack of funding.

Ashong stated, “Imagine a world where African youths have the bandwidth to create and consume their own content.” She also noted that “because our [mobile] customer base is missing, the necessary funding has not been available to move our sector forward.”

“Yes, there are 1.4 billion people on the planet, but how many of them are really connected to 4G services so they can upload and consume content to let the world hear about Africa?” the guy questioned.

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