After 25 Years, the Iconic Nokia Phone 3210 Returns with a New Look

After a quarter of a century, the iconic Nokia Phone 3210 has made a comeback with a makeover.


A reappearance of the original Nokia 3210, which is well-known for its longevity and ease of use, has been developed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its release.

One of the reasons that HMD, the firm that manufactures Nokia phones, decided to bring back this well-liked phone is that many people desire simpler gadgets to take a vacation from technology. In addition to the well-known game Snake, the new Nokia 3210 also features an improved camera and the ability to make calls via 4G networks. The cost of purchasing it is £74.99.

In a statement, Lars Silberbauer, the chief marketing officer at HMD, stated, “The Nokia 3210 is back because people want to use their phones less and enjoy life more.” It’s a simple phone that enables you to concentrate on what matters.

Ben Wood, who is quite knowledgeable about mobile devices, thinks that recalling the Nokia 3210 would be an excellent idea. According to what he had to say, “Many people adored the original Nokia 3210 smartphone because it was so simple to operate.” Being able to bring it back at this time is a sensible choice because it holds a particular place in the hearts of many people.

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