AI-made emojis and more could be coming to the iPhone with iOS 18.

iPhone tipped to get AI-generated emojis and more with iOS 18


In the world of artificial intelligence (AI) for consumers, tech rivals like Google and Microsoft are making big steps forward. Apple has a lot of ground to make up. It hopes to get things going at its developer meeting next month, where it will show off its new AI products, such as iOS 18’s new features.

Bloomberg says that Apple will focus its AI products more on useful AI tools for people and less on fancy AI tools that people think are cool but don’t know how to use.

What will iOS 18 have?

Reports say that Apple will add AI features to a lot of different areas. You can look forward to changes that do things like transcribe voice memos, fix up photos, and make email and text message ideas automatically. Siri will also get an AI-powered makeover.

Smart reviews sound like one of the most useful AI features because they let users see summaries of emails, web pages, alerts, and other media they may have missed. Apple will not be counting its chatbot. Instead, the company is in talks with more established creative AI platforms to use a solution that has already been tested and worked on other devices.

Apple is also going to add AI to…your image. There will be new emoji made by the creative AI as you type. After how well Google’s Emoji Kitchen did, where users could combine two emoji to make a new one (like a turtle carrying a coffee cup on his shell or a raincloud pouring out sad faces), this might also do well with customers.

At this point, it’s not clear if Apple users will be able to send these custom-made pictures to anyone or only to other Apple users.

The iPhone will soon have a feature that has never been seen before: users will be able to change their home screens in a lot more ways. This means that users will be able to change the color of app buttons and move them around to put them anywhere, not just on the grid as they are used to.

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