AI-made summaries of news events are now shown on X

X Now Displays AI-Generated Summaries of News Events


Users of X Premium may now access news summaries produced by Grok, the company’s AI technology.

X’s technical team revealed the “Stories on X” feature, which is billed as a method for users to “see what the world is talking about.”

The feature is presently limited to web and iOS users, although Premium subscribers may find it under the Explore tab. “Stories on X” are created by X postings; some of them retell news items in detail, while others highlight platform discussions that are happening, whether or whether they are noteworthy.

Similar to Twitter Moments, which was discontinued in 2022, is this function. Moments depended on a team of human curators to assemble tweets centered around major events and important conversations rather than using artificial intelligence.

Similar to several AI technologies. There is a warning attached to Grok’s summaries: “Grok can make mistakes, verify its outputs.” Grok’s promotion of fake news articles regarding global events, such as the idea that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lost to his opponent before the election, and the fabrication that Iran was striking Tel Aviv, were examples of this in action last month.

In its current state, AI frequently misinterprets posts made by people and occasionally fabricates its own “facts.” Therefore, don’t accept a summary you read on X at face value if it appears dubious. X also states: “This story is a summary of posts on X and may evolve.”

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