Amazon now offers a generator for AI images.

AWS users can try out Titan Image Generator on the Bedrock console.

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Amazon released its picture creator this year, following the lead of many other big tech companies. Customers of AWS can now use the Bedrock interface to see a sneak peek of Titan Image Generator. They can either type in a text box to start from scratch and make a picture, or they can share an image and change it.

Amazon says the tool can make a lot of realistic pictures that look like they came from a studio for a low price. It says that the AI can make relevant pictures based on complicated text prompts while also making sure that the arrangement of the objects is correct and that there aren’t too many distortions. The company says that this helps “reduce the creation of harmful content and lessen the spread of misinformation.”

People who want to change a picture can pick out specific places to add or remove details. For example, they can change the background or the thing that a person is holding. The AI can also make the edges of a picture bigger by adding fake details, which is a lot like Photoshop’s Generative Expand tool.

Amazon says Titan adds an unnoticeable stamp to the pictures it makes. It says this will “help reduce the spread of misinformation by providing a discreet mechanism to identify AI-generated images and to promote the safe, secure, and transparent development of AI technology.” It says that changes can’t be made to the watermarks. A sample of the image creator said that the AI can also come up with a description of the picture or text that can be used in a social media post.

Amazon’s AWS re: Invent meeting was where the picture generator was first talked about. The company also showed off its newest AI chips and a business-focused AI chatbot called Q. The business just started giving advertising a tool that lets them add backgrounds made by AI to product pictures.

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