Antivirus isn’t just for your computer

Here’s why you should protect your smartphone, too

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The importance of antivirus software for your computer is probably something you are already aware of. Because you are not using it, you are accessing the internet without any security, putting yourself at risk of ransomware, infections, Trojan horses, spyware, and a myriad of other dangers. On the other hand, your computer is not the only electronic device that needs malware security.

There is a possibility that thieves might exploit your mobile device, such as your phone or tablet, to steal your money.

Give it some thought: We carry our mobile devices with us everywhere we go, which means that they contain a great deal more personal information than PCs. It is strongly recommended that you acquire antivirus software for your mobile device if any of the applications on your smartphone are connected to your credit card.

Why you should secure your Android device with an antivirus?

The number of security breaches that occur in today’s world is so high that it is nearly impossible for anybody to avoid getting scratched. Because data breaches might put you at risk of having your identity stolen, this is really unfortunate news.

In one way or another, almost all of us have been engaged in a data breach at some point in our lives. So you don’t believe us? HaveIBeenPwned is an online database that contains all of the most recent information on data breaches. Enter your email addresses into the database.

When you download TotalAV onto your Android device, you can save yourself a step by utilizing the Data

Breach Check that is already included in the software. This tool, much like HaveIBeenPwned, enables you to search for the owner’s email address and determine whether or not it has been compromised in any known breaches. You even receive instructional aids that explain what you should do if a breach has caused you harm. It will even provide you with information on how to prevent illegal access to your account or identity theft.

You can take advantage of a few more specialized protections that are available to you.

Have you considered taking precautions to safeguard yourself from malicious software and games before installing them? If you are exhausted from continually being watchful and watching out for yourself, TotalAV allows you to finally unwind. You can maintain your safety since threatening websites are instantly banned, which is made possible by its Real-Time Protection function and its round-the-clock protection.

Additional information on the aspects that are most beneficial to you is as follows:

Your computer is continually being protected from malicious software and viruses thanks to real-time security. Real-time monitoring is being performed by TotalAV.

App lock and PIN functionality: This privacy feature is ideal for devices that are used by more than one household. TotalAV allows you to apply a password or a personal identification number (PIN) lock to any app on a device. This means that you can let your children play a game on your phone without having to worry about them sneaking a peek at your online banking app while they are doing so. When you are concerned about your privacy and security, it may secure sensitive applications in a variety of additional methods, in addition to the one that was just mentioned.

Manager of Photographs: You can successfully manage photographs, screenshots, and duplicate images with this user-friendly interface. With only a few clicks of the button, you may filter them, which will make this process of organizing much simpler. Getting rid of images that would otherwise take up space is another way to maintain a clean and organized storage space.

Another benefit of using a safe browser is that it allows you to browse anonymously without the risk of creepy people following your every click.

Antivirus protection is desperately needed by iPhone users.

TotalAV’s one-of-a-kind software for the iPhone and iPad provides capabilities that are also available to Android users. Through the use of its website filtering capabilities and anti-fraud services, such as the device location tracker, it protects you from potential cybersecurity dangers.

Additionally, you will get access to the Data Breach Check tool, which will notify you if your personal information is made public for everyone to view.

The Anti-Theft Smartphone Locator is an excellent function to have if your smartphone is misplaced or stolen. This function will provide you regular updates on the position of the device by utilizing the GPS capabilities of your mobile. You can track its whereabouts in real-time thanks to this.

Secure browser: Your activity is not monitored by this search engine. This prevents targeted advertisements from following you throughout the internet.

WebShield is a function that automatically bans potentially harmful websites. It prevents assaults that include social engineering. To add insult to injury, it applies to all web browser applications.

Security of the system: By using this notification system, you will be kept up to speed on any upgrades to Apple Security as well as any vulnerabilities that may exist in the privacy unlock functionality of your device.

You can check the current charge of your battery based on the apps you have installed.

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