Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that Apple may have an AI announcement later this year.

Tim Cook teases Apple AI announcement ‘later this year’

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During a conference call with investors following the firm’s fiscal first-quarter results report, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that the business would announce artificial intelligence later this year.

Cook did not provide many specifics in his statements on Thursday, but it was clear that Apple intends to take on tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, OpenAI, and others who are developing state-of-the-art AI models that can produce text and pictures.

Cook stated in a conference call with analysts, “As we look in advance, we will continue putting money into these and other innovations that will shape the future.” “That includes artificial intelligence, to which we’re still devoting a great deal of time and energy. Later this year, we’re excited to share the specifics of our work in this area.”

After OpenAI published ChatGPT and picture generators advanced quickly in 2022, generative AI began to receive a lot of interest from investors and tech businesses. Although the business has long invested in comparable machine learning technology in its processors and software, which can, for example, recognize people or pets inside images, Apple did not disclose an advanced AI model last year.

At its yearly developer conference, WWDC, in June, Apple usually releases new software. With the same underlying technology as GPT, the business last year unveiled an autocorrect tool for the iPhone keypad based on a transformer-based language model. However, Apple never referred to “artificial intelligence” in the presentation—rather, used the more scholarly term “machine learning.”

“Let me just say, with going into more detail and getting ahead of me, that I think Apple has an enormous chance with Gen AI and AI,” Cook said.

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