Apple is settling a class action lawsuit over Family Sharing for $25 million

In order to settle a class action lawsuit over Family Sharing, Apple has agreed to pay $25 million.

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If you purchased a subscription to an app through the App Store between the years 2015 and 2019, and you utilized Apple’s Family Sharing function with at least one other person, you may be eligible for a settlement from the firm that is worth up to fifty dollars.

The tech giant is accused of deceiving customers regarding Family Sharing, and according to MacRumors, Apple has agreed to pay $25 million to resolve a class action lawsuit that has been filed against the company.

It is possible for up to six members of the same family to share app subscriptions with one another because of this functionality; however, individual developers have the ability to prevent users from sharing a single subscription if they so want. The case, which was submitted in 2019, accuses Apple of not being upfront about this matter and of deceiving customers by giving them the impression that they could share a subscription to every software that is accessible in the software Store. According to the allegations made in the complaint, “the vast majority of subscription-based apps” did in fact offer Family Sharing.

In addition, the complaint asserts that Apple put advertisements on the landing pages of some subscription-based applications that did not enable Family Sharing by default. According to the report, this resulted in “millions of customers” downloading subscription-based applications under the mistaken impression that they would be able to access them through their Family Sharing subscription. The report cites YouTube Red and a puzzle game called Brainwell as examples of applications that did not support sharing their subscriptions with members of their family.

According to reports, Apple has denied any wrongdoing and has only decided to settle the issue in order to avoid the possible costs that are connected with a jury trial. Engadget sent a request for a statement from the corporation, but they did not answer as expected.

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