Apple makes a deal with OpenAI for iOS, but they still want Google as a “option.” The report says.

Apple still apparently wants Google and Gemini, but not as its first choice.


We had heard that Apple was in talks with Google and OpenAI about adding AI features to iOS 18. It sounds like Apple has made a deal with the company that makes ChatGPT.

Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg, wrote in his Power On email that Apple and OpenAI have agreed that OpenAI will add chatbot features to iOS 18. Besides that, he said that this deal will be a “part” of Apple’s WWDC developer event in June.

Apple doesn’t want to put all of its cloud AI eggs in one basket, though. As Gurman says, Apple is still working on a deal with Google to make Gemini an “option.” However, this won’t likely be announced next month.

Previous leaks have shown that Apple is reportedly developing its own Ajax AI model for text analysis, smart answers, and reports that can be used on the device itself. It makes sense that ChatGPT and other OpenAI technologies will be used to read longer pieces of text, make images, and do other hard jobs like these.

In any case, the deal with OpenAI should give Apple some room to breathe since it is working on its chatbot, similar to how it used to offer Google Maps before launching Apple Maps.

This isn’t the only AI news about Apple today; Gurman also said that iOS 18 might include the ability to make your emojis and other AI features.

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