Apple says it’s sorry for the iPad Pro ad that showed a hydraulic press breaking down guitars and a piano.

After an iPad Pro advertisement showed a hydraulic press crushing pianos and instruments, Apple issued an apology.


On Thursday, Apple said that it had taken the extraordinary step of apologizing for a brief commercial film that promoted the new iPad Pro tablet that the company had published. The promotional video was issued by Apple. As a result of the huge amount of criticism that the campaign received on social media, Apple chose to take this extraordinary measure.

Ad Age is a journal that focuses on the advertising industry, and Tor Myhren, who is the vice president of communications for marketing at Apple, mentioned this in an interview with the publication. “We aim to always celebrate the variety of ways users engage themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad,” said Myhren in conclusion. “We are sorry that this video did not meet our expectations; we apologize.”

The advertisement was uploaded to X, which was once known as Twitter, on Tuesday by Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Corp. Additionally, Apple uploaded it on the websites of YouTube and made it available to view. It was observed that a hydraulic crusher was crushing several different musical instruments, such as a guitar, a piano, and a metronome. This was accomplished in a manner that was analogous to the videos that have recently surfaced on TikTok and garnered a great deal of interest everywhere and everywhere. This operation continued until it was finishedand it continued until all of the items were stuffed onto the new tablet that the corporation had made.

It has also been claimed by Ad Age that Apple has decided to not broadcast the advertisement on television.

A considerable number of people said that the destruction of the creative tools irritated them, and many who viewed the advertisement stated that it conveyed the sense that Apple was out of touch with the contemporary world. One of the things that contributed to the widespread criticism that was directed against the campaign was the fact that it gained a great lot of attention from the media.

Instead of boosting Apple’s marketing message for free, some Apple critics stated that the negative reaction to the campaign was an indication that the business was running out of goodwill among its consumers who responded negatively to the advertising. This was the case since people were responding negatively to the advertisement. As a result of the fact that the advertising was met with several unfavorable replies, this information was inferred. Throughout its existence, Apple has maintained a tight relationship with TBWA Media Arts Lab, the advertising agency with whom it has worked for a substantial length of time. Apple is a notable advertiser, and throughout its history, it has maintained this relationship close. On the other hand, Apple creates its advertising materials and is also involved in the process of developing these materials.

It is not just one advertisement for the Apple iPad that has made several people feel irritated throughout the previous several years; there have been other advertisements that have done the same thing. In the year 2018, a significant number of individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with a particular position for the iPad Pro.

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