Apple takes AI photo apps off the App Store after finding out they could make n@k3d pictures.

Apple pulls AI image apps from the App Store after learning they could generate n*d3 images


Apple has taken action against a group of AI image-making apps that “advertised the ability to create n*d3 images.” A new story from 404 Media says that Apple has taken down several AI apps from the App Store that said they could “create n*d3 images.”

The site released a story on Monday that looked at how businesses were using Instagram ads to push apps that could “undr3ss any g1rl for free.” Some of these Instagram ads took people straight to the Apple Store, where they could find the app.

The news story from today says that Apple did not answer 404 Media’s question on Monday. But the company did get in touch right away after the first story came out to ask for more details. When given clear links to the ads and App Store pages in question, Apple took the apps down from the App Store.

What the report says:

Apple took down several AI image generation apps from the App Store after 404 Media found that they promoted the ability to make n@k3d pictures without permission. This is a sign that app store owners are beginning to take more action against these kinds of apps. 

Apple took down three apps from the App Store overall, but only after we sent them links to the apps and the ads that went with them. This showed that Apple couldn’t find the apps that broke its rules on its own

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As the story suggests, this is likely to become a game of cat and mouse going forward, since Apple couldn’t find the apps without 404 Media giving it direct links.

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