Apple’s Next HomePod Is Rumored To Feature A Curved LCD Screen

It is said that Apple would incorporate a curved LCD screen into their next HomePod product.

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Prominent Apple leaker and collector of prototype “Kosutami” has disclosed that the company is developing a redesigned HomePod with a curved LCD screen.

Pictures of what seemed to be a prototype HomePod with a touchscreen sensor at the top that was far larger than the panel now seen on Apple’s smart speakers were published by Kosutami in October.

A New HomePod with an Interactive LCD Display Is Being Tested by Apple
The Apple-related news site 9to5Mac concluded that the prototype, coded B720, is a brand-new device being created by Apple rather than an experiment after confirming the authenticity of the photographs with its sources.

Kosutami provided some further information regarding the HomePod prototype in a recent X post. He mentioned that the B720 will stay the same size and look as the HomePod 2 that was shown earlier this year.

It is also stated that the top display will be the same size, with the exception that it will now be an LCD panel.

Currently, Siri is indicated by a mix of LEDs on HomePods that show various colors.

To increase users’ interactions with the smart speaker, Apple is adding a fully working display to the HomePod to make it more enticing to consumers.

According to Kosutami, the screen seems to be flat from the outside, but a convex glass will cover it. The new HomePod interface’s design is still unknown, however, 9to5Mac previously revealed that the screen will show basic details about the media being played on Apple Music and Apple Podcast.

While testing the new HomePod, tvOS 17 displayed a code that raised the possibility that Apple was updating the Apple Music and Apple Podcast applications to make them compatible with the LCD screen.

When a podcast or song is played, the display is programmed to display a blurry animation depending on the colors of the album image.

In addition, the user may be able to respond to messages and take calls using the HomePod in addition to seeing vital notifications.

Apple is developing a new product that will combine the features of the HomePod and AppleTV.

According to a 2021 claim by Mark Gruman, a tech writer for Bloomberg, Apple could be developing new HomePods that include screens and cameras.

According to reports made earlier this year by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Cupertino intends to launch a revised HomePod with a 7-inch display in the first half of 2024.

Additionally, there have been rumors that Apple is developing two additional devices—one that combines the HomePod with AppleTV, and the other that is a HomePod with a screen fixed on a robotic arm—as well as multi-touch capabilities for the HomePod.

Currently, the HomePod operates on an altered version of tvOS; however, there are reports that Apple is working on a brand-new “homeOS” platform.

Apple TV and HomePod aren’t selling well, so Cupertino is reevaluating its approach to the smart home.
As developers voiced reservations about the company’s approach to smart home devices, Gruman stated in his “Power On” email that Apple is “rethinking” its smart home strategy.

The developers expressed little hope internally and informed Gruman that Apple lacks a robust living room hardware strategy as compared to Roku or Amazon.

He stated that Apple could think about discontinuing the planned HomePod and AppleTV gadgets if sales of the items are weak.

The more expensive HomePod and the smaller HomePod Mini in Apple’s current HomePod range are $299 and $99, respectively.

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