At CES 2024, LG will present a 4K projector with an unusual handle.

The CineBeam Qube weighs just 3 pounds.

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The CineBeam Qube, LG’s newest 4K projector, was just unveiled. The projector will be formally unveiled at CES 2024 in early January, but in the meantime, interested customers may get a sneak peek. The sleek, “minimalist” look of the CineBeam Qube belies its abundance of high-tech features. Additionally, it has a crank-like handle.

Yes, there is a handle on this thing. The mobility of the CineBeam Qube is designed in. It weighs only three pounds, and its square shape makes it convenient to position almost any place. Placement is further aided by the handle’s 360-degree rotating design. “One of the smallest projectors available,” according to LG.

The projection is, of course, the most crucial component of any projector. Up to 120-inch screens with 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution can be projected by the Qube. The RGB laser light source, 450,000:1 contrast ratio, and 154 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage are present. These specifications will make the Reacher episode truly stand out.

About streaming media, the projector is equipped with LG webOS 6.0 and provides users with access to all major streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. But Prime Video is poised to impose advertisements on everyone, and nothing spoils a movie night at home more than commercials.

The company’s image-mapping feature, which maps your environment and superimposes an image on everything, is also included with this projector. This is used to set a distinct mood, such as flooding the space with a picture of the deep forest or the night sky. Several of LG’s premium projectors come equipped with the company’s automated brightness-adjusting mechanism.

Both the release date and the price of the CineBeam Qube are unknown. Maybe more information will become available in January, though, as LG is making the projector a major feature of their CES display.

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