At CES, LG Display intends to introduce a 480Hz OLED gaming display that is lightning quick.

Manufacturers that want to include the technology onto their gaming displays will purchase the panel from the business.

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LG just revealed that it would debut a brand-new 27-inch 480Hz QHD OLED gaming display at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The business refers to this as a “new era of OLEDs” and an industry first. LG Display is the company that produced this panel, hence it won’t be sold. Instead, the technology will be sold to other businesses so they may utilize it in the next gaming monitors.

Although the 480Hz refresh rate is lightning fast, it can come as a disappointment to those who were underwhelmed with last year’s 240Hz panels. The newest OLED display from LG claims to have the fastest reaction time of “any panel on the market today,” with a mere 0.03 milliseconds and QHD (2560×1440) resolution.

Additionally, LG guarantees improved image quality with the use of its META technology—not to be confused with that other Meta. This technology uses a tiny lens array to reduce outside reflections and increase light output from the OLED display. This should be especially useful in gaming situations that are darker than usual.

According to the manufacturer, this display produces around half as much blue light as typical LCDs, making it the “lowest level in the industry.” Naturally, this helps to lessen eye strain, but it also lessens flicker.

The first half of the year is when LG Display claims this panel will start to appear in goods; partner firms have not yet been disclosed. LG is showcasing other 480Hz panels at CES this year in addition to this one. A new display has been released that operates at 240Hz in 4K and 480Hz in HD.

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