Blue ticks are given for free by X to its most popular users.

The most popular users of X are eligible to receive free blue ticks.

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Because of a significant policy change, the users who are considered to be the most “influential” on X, which was once known as Twitter, are now seeing blue ticks appear on their profiles.

Anyone who has more than 2,500 verified followers may now use the premium features that were previously only accessible to users who paid for X Premium.

Users of X will not only see the blue tick appear, but they will also witness a reduction in the number of adverts they view.

Users may see a decrease in the number of followers they have as a consequence of the social media platform’s declaration that it would be eradicating bots.

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the website, blue ticks were initially a technique of validating that users were who they claimed to be. However, after the acquisition, blue ticks became a feature that required users to pay for access to it.

Despite this, communications that have been received by persons who have been given the features show that it is currently being offered for no cost to those who are regarded to be “contributors to the community who have a significant amount of influence.”

Not only does it make it possible for premium users to apply for income sharing from adverts on the website, but it also provides them the chance to have their tweets placed higher when they are responding to other users.

During this interim period, those individuals who have more than 5,000 confirmed followers have been provided free membership to Premium+. When a user is responding to another user, this function removes virtually all adverts and positions their tweets much higher in the rankings than they were previously.

Late in March, Mr. Musk made the news that the capability would be accessible and available.

Before Mr. Musk acquired X, the blue tick was a service that acted as a mark of authenticity and was offered by the platform at no cost whatsoever.

In the beginning, it was deployed as a method for authentication, to aid in the prevention of fake accounts and the spread of incorrect information. Both of these goals were intended to be accomplished.

The blue tick was once seen to be a representation of a person’s authority on the website. However, this perception has since changed. This was because only a select few individuals, such as celebrities, government personnel, and journalists, were able to complete the verification process.

This arrangement, which Mr. Musk criticized for creating a split between “lords and peasants,” was something that Mr. Musk did not particularly enjoy. He made this criticism.

A symbol that showed that an account has subscribed to X Premium, which was originally known as Twitter Blue, was turned into a blue tick under the billionaire. This sign was a sign that could be found on Twitter. There was a verification process that was associated with this subscription, and it was related to the payment.

Currently, however, it is a combination of the two, with a person being regarded as notable only if they are followed by a significant number of other individuals who have a checkmark of their own.

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