Breaking News: Samsung And Google Join Forces To Take Justice On Apple!

As a kind of retaliation against Apple, Samsung has formed a partnership with Google.

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Google and Samsung don’t get along well. However, they have now united to oppose Apple Inc., their foe. Even though Google and Samsung are rivals in the mobile hardware space, the latter’s smartphone and related technology inflows are mostly driven by the former’s sales in this sector.

Google’s Android operating system powers every Samsung smartphone, accounting for a far greater portion of Google’s software income. GlobalData analyst Emma Christy notes that the two tech behemoths will be able to capitalize on the emerging On-device AI trend because of Samsung’s experience in consumer electronics and Google’s proficiency with data and generative AI.

Samsung and Google Cloud have partnered to integrate GenAI into their most recent smartphone models, according to news from the San Jose Developers Conference. Samsung’s response to the generative AI surge is called GenAI. T M Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile experience division, made the significant news while speaking to a San Jose developer community. The recent event takes place against the backdrop of Apple surpassing Samsung in smartphone sales, which had held a 12-year dominance.

Instead of evaluating current data, the AI model of the massive South Korean electronics company is primarily concerned with producing new material. Additionally, the partnership will introduce Google’s Gemini Pro AI to the consumer electronics market. The AI model in question is the same one that powers Google’s internal chatbot, Bard.

Thanks to the partnership, owners of Samsung smartphones will be able to access a dedicated AI chatbot and edit photographs directly using capabilities provided by Gemini Pro. Furthermore, the move will bring Circle to Search, a feature that is anticipated to elevate image-search capabilities to a whole new level, and more deeply integrate Google’s search engine with Samsung devices.

On the development front, Samsung engineers can now employ Google Cloud’s cutting-edge performance infrastructure and a more dependable and flexible medium of delivery. Devices with AI built-in will, according to manufacturers, have higher security, lower latency, and lower prices. Thus far, AI technology has been well-embraced by smartphone consumers worldwide.

GlobalData experts predict that by the end of 2030, the AI industry will have grown to over $900 billion globally. As a result, it is anticipated that generative AI alone will expand at an astounding rate of 80% annually.

Notably, in keeping with its intention to employ the chipset in its VR headphones, Samsung has decided to incorporate Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon CPUs into its newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In terms of cost, the S24 Ultra, which is now listed at $1300, will cost $100 more, finally aligning with Apple’s position. In September of last year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was released with the same numerals. The base price of the S24 is $800, while the S24 Plus will set you back $1000.

However, the new GenAI functions would not be confined to the S24. The update will also be available for S-series and Tab series smartphones from earlier generations. All S24 models will include improved picture editing capabilities that will give users additional possibilities to adjust their photographs, which is good news for current owners of Samsung smartphones. Additional AI functions will be available on other Galaxy models that will be released this year. One such feature is a real-time call translator that supports 17 dialects and 13 languages.

Samsung gains an advantage here, even if Apple has grand ambitions to pack more AI bells and whistles onto their next iPhone series. Furthermore, Samsung’s entry-level smartphones have helped to popularize smartphone technology. With the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT more than a year ago, artificial intelligence (AI) has at last gained traction, and conversations about it have moved from science fiction films and research laboratories to high school classrooms and pizza shops. To be cautious, privacy will be the top issue for consumers, legislators, and tech entrepreneurs alike as a result of the plethora of new technologies that will be available in the coming years.

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