ChatGPT is writing legislation now

An ordinance drafted by ChatGPT was clandestinely filed by a Brazilian local councilman.

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Ramiro Rosário, a member of the municipal council for Porto Alegre in the south, disclosed this week that the law was composed by a chatbot. It was enacted in October.

Rosário requested that ChatGPT draft a plan to guarantee that taxpayers would not be responsible for replacing water use meters, according to the AP. Without revealing where the idea came from, he brought the proposition to his fellow 35 members of the municipal council.

“It would be unfair to the population to run the risk of the project not being approved simply because it was written by artificial intelligence,” Rosário told the Associated Press. He believed that the law would not have been allowed to be put to a vote if he had informed the group that ChatGPT had prepared it.


Nor is this the first legislative action taken by the chatbot. Ironically, state senator from Massachusetts, Barry Finegold, utilized ChatGPT to assist in the writing of a bill that would force businesses using AI chatbots to install security measures and risk assessments so that the government could comprehend their algorithms.

Government laws pertaining to chatbots are particularly necessary since ChatGPT is being used to draft legislation, raising concerns about the chatbot’s proper place in the government.

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