China wants to build a satellite factory that can make 1,000 satellites a year.

China Is Building a Satellite Factory That Could Produce 1,000 Satellites Per Year


The southernmost rocket center in the region, Hainan, China, is getting ready to open a state-of-the-art factory for making satellites because business launches are expected to rise.

Once it’s up and running, this plant will use production line methods similar to those used in making cars. This will lower the costs of space projects by a lot and help China’s business space sector grow.

“Every year, we hope to make 1,000 satellites,” said Liu Botao, who is in charge of building fixed assets at the Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering.

The recent Zhongguancun Forum says that China is making up ground in business. The business space market in China has a lot of room to grow and will soon be a trillion-dollar industry.

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