Clicks hopes to bring back the availability of real iPhone keyboard covers.

The company Clicks is working to revive the use of physical keyboard covers for the iPhone.

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If you enjoyed BlackBerry phones, you might be interested in a new iPhone attachment that UK-based Clicks is unveiling at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

Reminiscent of Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard from a decade ago, it’s a case with a full physical keyboard that you can connect to the iPhone if you prefer a more tactile typing experience. Except for the back and corners, the company’s original keyboard rests at the bottom of the casing and covers no portion of the screen. Rather, it lengthens the phone so that you can see the entire screen, including what’s on it, even while you type.

Depending on the model, the keyboard connects to the iPhone via the USB-C or Lighting connector, enabling regular charging of the device. It’s not powered by a battery that has to be charged, but it also lacks a Bluetooth connection. If you wish to use your device in the dark or at night, you may turn on its backlight. If you prefer not to use the touchscreen for navigation, you can utilize several keyboard shortcuts. You may use the space bar, for example, to scroll down online pages. Having said that, the keys do appear quite little, so if your palms and fingers are larger than average, you could find it challenging to type.

Michael Fisher (MrMobile) and Kevin Michaluk (CrackBerry Kevin), two content creators, established Clicks and claimed that “a dream team of tech industry veterans” built the iPhone keyboard. Michaluk continued: “We labored over every decision from exactly how the buttons should feel to the keyboard layout, ensuring it would be intuitive for iPhone users.” The Clicks Creator keyboard is currently available for $139 on the company website, but shipment won’t start until February 1.

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