During the pre-order weekend, Apple may have sold up to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets.

Figures suggest that this is still 'a very niche product,' according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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Not everyone is a good fit for Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro, and current pre-order projections indicate that this VR spatial computing gadget is off to a poor start. Based on pre-order inventories and delivery time, analyst Min-Chi Kuo estimated that the business sold between 160,000 and 180,000 Vision Pro headsets throughout the previous weekend.

This considerably surpasses Kuo’s previous manufacturing estimates of 60,000 to 80,000 units intended for the February 2 launch, so it’s understandable why the Vision Pro sold out as soon as pre-orders were available.

Although this appears to be good news, Kuo noted that if delivery schedules don’t alter over the first 48 hours, there may be a sudden decline in demand once the die-hard supporters and heavy users have placed their pre-orders. iPhone orders, on the other hand, often “see a steady increase in shipping times 24 to 48 hours after pre-orders open.” Naturally, though, the Vision Pro isn’t designed for the typical user in its current condition, especially in light of the absence of many popular apps like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. Not to mention the staggering $3,499 starting price, but, based on a previous claim by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple may eventually introduce a less expensive variant that costs between $1,500 to $2,500.

The Vision Pro is considered “a very niche product” by Cupertino, Kuo continued, even if the gadget has sold out based on the top initial production number of 80,000 units, which only represents 0.007 percent of Apple’s 1.2 billion active users. In other words, the tech behemoth will have to find a way to generate and maintain demand for the headgear before its anticipated worldwide release in June, which is expected to happen before this year’s WWDC. Apple is working hard to put up demonstration spaces at its flagship locations in the US in the hopes of increasing sales with their 25-minute sessions.

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