Elon Musk makes X TV sound interesting as a new way to try to make the social media site “the everything app.”

In an effort to transform a social media platform into "the everything app," Elon Musk previews X TV.


Monday, Elon Musk hinted that X TV would be coming out soon. The billionaire wants to make what used to be Twitter into “the everything app.”

Musk showed X a 12-second clip of the new network’s logo flashing across a stack of old TVs. It was the first time the logo had been seen.

There was no other information given about the new business, and Musk didn’t add a comment to the video, which had over 14.2 million views in less than three hours.

But Musk had already said last month that X would grow into an app for smart TVs that is “identical” to YouTube’s TV service.

Last week, X CEO Linda Yaccarino revealed the plan by writing on the platform, “Soon we’ll bring real-time, engaging content to your smart TVs with the X TV App.”

However, Yaccarino did not give a specific start date. “This will be your go-to guide for a high-quality, immersive recreation experience on a bigger screen,” he said.

But the executive did say that users can look forward to a “trending video algorithm” that will keep them up to date on popular content, a “cross-device experience,” “enabled video search,” and videos that are organized by theme thanks to AI.

The Post asked X for a response, but a spokesman wouldn’t say when X TV would start.

Musk wants to make X the “everything app,” like WeChat in China, which mixes texting, social networks, mobile payments, video chat, and other features. X TV is part of this plan.

As the millionaire moves into video more, the CEO of Tesla has already tried to get MrBeast, a famous YouTuber, to post a video to X.

By posting a 20-minute movie to X, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, showed how artists could make money on the social media site in a way similar to how they could on YouTube.

Donaldson test-drives more than $250 million worth of cars on X. A week after sharing the video, he showed off that he had made an impressive $263,655 from nearly 160 million views and over 5 million engagements, which are interactions like “likes” and comments.

He had also made a deal with Don Lemon, a controversial former CNN host who was supposed to start a new show on X only on March 18 but was fired instead.

Musk fired Lemon without a reason just days before the premiere of his show. It wasn’t clear at first why Musk did this, but a document reviewed by The Post says that during contract talks, Lemon asked for a free Tesla Cybertruck, a $5 million down payment on top of his $8 million salary, an equity stake in the multibillion-dollar company, and the right to approve any changes to X policy that affected news content.

In a blog post earlier this year, the company said it was moving away from its text-based roots and is “now a video-first platform,” adding that users can share long-form movies to the platform. This is the first sign that the X TV is actually coming out.

The blog post from early January says that people watch movies on X eight out of ten times they use it.

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