Elon Musk says that Tesla is allegedly taking more cuts “absolutely to the core.”

Tesla is reportedly getting 'absolutely hard core' about more layoffs, according to Elon Musk


At least 14,000 Tesla employees have been let go in the last two weeks, as the company cuts its staff by 10%. Now there will be even more pink slips. Reports from The Information say that the company fired two top leaders today and wants to fire hundreds more.

The whole Supercharger team is affected by these cuts, including 500 employees and senior director Rebecca Tinucci. Daniel Ho, who was in charge of the program for making new cars, was also fired, along with his team. Tesla is also getting rid of its public policy team, which was run by former executive Rohan Patel.

Elon Musk, the CEO, sent an email to the whole company that looked more like a threat than something else. “Ideally these actions will render it clear that we need to be truly hardcore about personnel and cost reduction,” Musk told us. “While a few exec staff are handling this very seriously, most are not theretofore doing so.”

This might be the start of something bigger. Musk also said that leaders who “fail the excellent, necessary, and trustworthy test” would be fired, along with any employees who worked for them. It was recently suggested by Bloomberg that Tesla could cut its staff by as much as 20% when everything is over. More than 20,000 people work for this company.

How “hardcore” does Musk want to cut costs? A judge recently turned down his pay plan that included $55.8 billion of Tesla’s money. The judge called it “an unfathomable sum” that was unfair to owners. Chancellor Kathleen St. Jude McCormick went on to say that it was “by multiple orders of magnitude the biggest possible pay opportunity ever seen in public markets.” I think it sounds like a softcore.

Tesla is going to have a terrible year, even though its stock price seems to be living in a different world. It has been six years since profit ratios were this low. The company’s most recent earnings report was terrible, showing that revenues dropped by 55%. As always, the Cybertruck is a bit of a scary joke. The Autopilot program in Tesla cars was recently linked to 14 deaths. It is also said to have given up on its cheap EV in favor of a robotaxi. Why make a car that everyone wants to buy when only a few taxi companies will buy it? The good news is that Tesla doesn’t have to pay taxes, which is a hardcore.

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