Espresso Displays’ ultra-portable display now supports 4K

The ultra-portable monitor from Espresso Displays now supports 4K.

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After reviewing the Espresso Display a year ago, I came to the conclusion that it would be a fantastic complement to a mobile office arrangement for employees who required more screen real estate but didn’t want to carry a lot of extra weight or space.

Now, Sydney-based Espresso Displays has introduced the Espresso 17 Pro, a follow-up model that further advances the product. The gadget blends top-tier technical specifications with a fantastic touchscreen, making it ideal for professionals in a variety of industries.

In theory, the Espresso 17 Pro appears to be rather remarkable: it has a 4K resolution, an astounding 1 billion colors with a 10-bit spectrum, and 450 nits of brightness. Yes, even the latest iPhone can be connected to the gadget via a USB-C connection.

Will Scuderi, CEO of Espresso Displays, stressed the painstaking attention to detail that went into creating the 17 Pro. Its lightweight design and strong aesthetics are precisely balanced by the aircraft aluminum structure.

Since its founding as a Kickstarter project, the firm has received hundreds of hours of usage and feedback from users, taking into account the requirements and demands of executives, animators, illustrators, and content creators, among others. The business is putting itself right in the middle of how work is changing.

The unique program “Jot, by Espresso,” which completely changes the way users may use pens on touchscreens, is another noteworthy feature. Jot functions as an app that you can use on your desktop, including features like sketching, note-taking, and note-taking that is seamless. For display users, it may be downloaded for free.

Espresso Displays is introducing a line of personalized accessories to go along with the 17 Pro in addition to its software. These include Case 17, a magnetic folio-style case; the espressoCreator protective layer for a smoother sketching experience; and the magnetic espressoStand Pro, which provides flexibility in working positions.

Additionally, the company is launching its first battery pack, the espressoCharge, which is intended to power the 17 Pro continuously. With a 27,000mAh / 99wH capacity, it satisfies international aviation requirements and is suitable for travel.

Pre-orders for the Espresso 17 Pro are open as of right now, and deliveries will begin in November. Launch packages include tempting offers; for example, the Studio Bundle comes with an espressoCharge, and the Essentials Bundle includes a free Stand Pro. The starting price is $1,000.


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