Esther Crawford was hired by Mark Zuckerberg. She used to be loyal to Elon Musk and slept on the floor of X.

Mark Zuckerberg employed Esther Crawford, a former Elon Musk supporter who slept on the X office floor.


A former executive at Twitter went “hardcore” for his new boss Elon Musk by sleeping on the office floor. Musk fired the executive soon after, and the executive now works for Musk’s rich foe Mark Zuckerberg.

Esther Crawford shared pictures of herself in a sleeping bag at the San Francisco offices of the company that Musk has since changed to X in 2022. She then went on Instagram to say that she is now working for Zuckerberg’s business, Meta.

“Some personal news: I’ve entered the Messenger group at Meta as a Director of Product,” Crawford wrote on Instagram on Monday. Before being fired in February of last year, Crawford was Twitter’s head of product management for two years.

She wrote that Meta was her “top choice” because “I am obsessed with how humans connect through technology” and because “no other company has a bigger scale of impact in that space than Meta.”

She said that Zuckerberg, her new boss, had “vision and intensity.”

“Seeing how he’s made the business more efficient and small bureaucratic in the last year makes me even more eager to join now because I want to get things done quickly and ship cool stuff,” Crawford wrote on Meta’s Instagram.

Crawford joined Twitter in December 2020, after it bought her video chat company Squad.

Early in 2022, Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. Crawford was one of the leaders who stayed on to support Musk’s idea of working from home all the time.

She shared several pictures on social media in November 2022 of herself in a sleeping bag that was spread out on the floor of her office.

Crawford wrote in the now-deleted tweet, “When your team is working nonstop to meet deadlines, sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork.

Musk gave Crawford a prize by putting her in charge of the Twitter Blue service for paying users.

Musk did, however, fire Crawford and other top engineers at the company in the end to cut costs.

Around 80% of the staff has been let go since Musk took over the company that used to be called Twitter.

She wrote in X a few months after she was fired that Musk is “oddly charming and genuinely funny,” but that he could be hard to deal with because “his personality and demeanor can change on a dime going from excited to angry.”

“Because it was difficult to tell what mood he was in or how he would respond to anything, people quickly became scared of having to meet with him or tell him bad news,” Crawford wrote.

She also said that Musk’s “inner circle” was “too zealous and fanatical in their unwavering support of everything he said.”

Musk has been insulting Zuckerberg, a fellow tech billionaire, for a long time, and his choice to hire Crawford is the latest in a long-running feud between the two.

People say that Musk said Zuckerberg’s social media sites “make people depressed.”

When news came out that Meta was working on an app that would compete with X, the Tesla CEO’s fight with Zuckerberg got worse.

The name of that app changed over time to Threads. It was a hit when it first came out, but people stopped using it.

But in February, data showed that Threads was more popular than X on Apple’s iOS and Google Play.

It is said that more than 130 million people use Threads every month, and X says that it has about 550 million users.

X vowed to sue Meta, saying that the company had hired former Twitter hackers and used the company’s trade secrets to make a fake app.

Meta has brushed off the claims.

Musk also dared Zuckerberg to an MMA fight, but the two men could never agree on a time and place.

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