Even if default passwords are banned, you should always change them.


How often do you change the passwords that come with your gadgets that can connect to a network? Don’t forget to change your password, or you could be putting your safety at risk. Devices with easy-to-guess default passwords can’t be sold in the UK. But even if you don’t live there, you should change your default passwords to make sure your devices can’t be broken into.

What Does a Default Password Mean?

When you buy a gadget that can connect to your network, it usually comes with a username and password that you can use right away. This is just a fake account that you can use to get to the settings while the setup is going on. After logging in, change your account and password to something safer.

The usual account and password for most devices, though, are “admin” and “admin.” Some devices will come with a set password, but this password is made up randomly for each device that is made. Often, these have a small sticker on the back that tells you their unique password.

Why are UK sites not letting people use default passwords?

This week, the UK passed a law that makes it illegal to sell any network-enabled gadget that doesn’t protect its users by default. 

It might seem like a harsh rule, but passwords that are easy to figure out are a major security hole. Hackers may find it easy to get into devices of the same type if they all use the same username and password.

Sites like Data Recovery have whole libraries of usernames and passwords that are already set. Hackers can use these services to get into other people’s networks, even though they are meant to help people get into their own devices.

Hackers can do a lot of different things with these gadgets once they get inside. The more obvious thing to do is to use the device they got into against you, like using your cameras to spy on your house or Wi-Fi storage devices to get data. That being said, hackers can also use your devices’ computers as part of a bigger botnet, like the Mirai malware that is used in DDoS attacks.

The ban in the UK is meant to cut down on the number of gadgets that are hacked each year. This then lowers the amount of data that is stolen and makes botnets less powerful, since they need a lot of people to work.

Can someone figure out the default passwords for my device?

Not all devices have a basic password that is easy to figure out. As we already talked about, some devices have a sticker on the outside with a random password written on it. When you use these odd passwords, they are usually safe. But you can change them if you are worried that someone might see the sticker and figure out your login information.

It’s a good idea to change the default passwords on your devices to something that can’t be broken and that you won’t forget. You should change your login information even if you’re not in the UK because of the fear of cybercrime. You can also use this time to make your computer and modem safer.

Are you not sure if your device’s password is random? You can look online for databases that have your device’s password written down. Hackers will be able to find it too, so change it right away. The instructions should be in the box that came with your new gadget.

Hackers are a problem all over the world, not just in the UK where the ban applies. Make sure that none of your online passwords are easy to figure out and change them if you find any. You never know, a quick change now could protect you from an attack later.

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