Five reasons to use Bluesky, a competitor Twitter app (no invite required)

Bluesky, which is now publicly accessible, has a number of benefits over X, Threads, and other social networks. These are five arguments in favor of joining.

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Following the ongoing unrest at Twitter (now called X), several social media platforms have surfaced to provide users with an alternative to the Elon Musk-owned website. Bluesky, or more specifically Bluesky Social, is one such network. Bluesky was founded in 2019 by former CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. It functions and appears like Twitter, but it does not have the drawbacks that Musk has.

Mastodon and Meta’s Threads are among the other social networks vying for market share. Mastodon is the less popular of the two, perhaps because of its multi-server setup and initially challenging sign-up process. But Mastodon did release an upgrade in September of last year to improve the usability of the sign-up and sign-in processes.

Soon after its inception, Threads attracted tens of millions of users. Those figures declined in 2023 and then began to rise again in the first part of 2024.

Yes, Bluesky does not have all of Twitter’s more sophisticated features (including direct messaging). Its user base is also less than that of other platforms. However, it offers a simple, user-friendly layout with most of the essential functions you’d expect from a social network. Additionally, Bluesky will seem familiar to those who are already familiar with Twitter.

The hardest thing about using Bluesky at first was just getting started. When the program first launched, it was only available via invitation, and invites were hard to come by. However, Bluesky eventually ended its invite-only membership and made its virtual doors available to everyone in February 2024. Currently, Bluesky has certain advantages over other social networks like Threads, Twitter, and others. These are five arguments in favor of joining.

1. You can utilize the internet or app.

You can read and create articles on Bluesky using either a computer or a mobile device because it is available as both a website and a mobile app.

The well-designed Bluesky mobile app is available for iOS and Android and provides rapid access to your feed, search options, alerts, and profile. With easy access to all the main features and choices, the Bluesky website is just as capable.

2. A thorough investigation

Bluesky’s search function is capable of locating both posts and accounts. Choose the Search option on the Bluesky app or website, then enter your search word. You may navigate between posts and people based on what you want to view from the results.

3. Simple content filtering

You don’t want to see specific kinds of content? Both the website and the app make it quite simple to do that in Bluesky, albeit the website offers you more customization options.

4. Manage your feed

Bluesky offers many feeds, such as Following, Discover, and Popular with Friends, to make it easier for you to view the accounts you follow and discover new ones. Only posts from the accounts you follow are displayed in the Following feed. The most recent, relevant posts are shown in the Discover stream. Additionally, posts that are popular among the accounts you follow are displayed to you in the Popular with Friends stream.

5. Unique domain names

Your username in Bluesky is automatically associated with the domain name bsky. social, e.g., However, you can utilize your current domain name if you already have one. You may personalize and authenticate your identity on Bluesky and integrate it with an already-existing website by using your domain name.

Needing a domain name? Not an issue. Acquire one straight from Bluesky through its affiliation with Namecheap, a domain registrar renowned for impeding unsanctioned domain transfers and safeguarding domain names. This method of setting up a domain name has several advantages, such as email forwarding, URL forwarding, and enhanced privacy in the WHOIS database. See Bluesky’s blog article “Purchase and Manage Domains Directly Through Bluesky” for further information.

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