How to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo

Fixing an iPhone that is locked on the Apple logo

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You could believe that your iPhone is irreparably damaged if it boots up stuck on the Apple logo and won’t load past the home screen. However, that might not be true. Here are a few methods to break your iPhone’s startup cycle and resume normal operation.

Why Is the Apple Logo on an iPhone Stuck?

When there is an issue with the operating system or the phone’s hardware, the iPhone becomes stuck on the Apple logo screen. Although the typical user finds it difficult to identify the root cause of the issue, there are a few typical causes:

issues can arise while updating to a new iOS version.

issues when trying to jailbreak the phone.

utilizing an outdated iOS beta version.

issues while moving data from an outdated device to a modern one.

harm to the iPhone’s internal hardware.

Fixing an iPhone that is locked on the Apple logo

There are three main techniques you should try to fix your iPhone if it has been stuck on the Apple logo screen for a long time (think 20-30 minutes or longer) and the progress bar hasn’t changed.

Turn the iPhone back on.

Restarting an iPhone that is stuck on the Apple logo is one way to solve many issues. Although a simple restart isn’t likely to work in this particular situation, it’s still worth a try because it’s the easiest solution. It just requires a brief amount of your time.

Launch Recovery Mode on the iPhone.

In this situation, Recovery Mode is a particular troubleshooting mode that may be useful. The operating system is having problems starting up when your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo. The phone boots up in recovery mode, but the operating system is stopped so you can fix it. You have the option to restore your data or install a new version of iOS in Recovery Mode. In certain circumstances, this rather easy process resolves the issue.

Employ DFU Mode

In DFU (Device Firmware Update) Mode, your iPhone can be restarted, restored, or loaded with a backup file while it is still in startup mode. Though it is more concentrated on resolving the low-level problems that lead to the iPhone becoming stuck on the Apple logo, it is comparable to Recovery Mode. Because it necessitates a precise set of actions, using DFU Mode needs some skill, yet it is frequently effective.

Note: For in-person assistance, visit an Apple Store or get in touch with Apple customer service if these troubleshooting techniques are ineffective.

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