For the next two weeks, Apple is supposedly going to increase the trade-in credit for outdated iPhones.

For the next two weeks, Apple is said to be giving more money for old iPhones.


According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple will begin providing a bit more than normal for select trade-ins beginning next week in the United States and Canada. If you have been holding onto an older model of the iPhone, now could be a good time to finally switch to a newer model.

According to Gurman, the incentive will be made available in-store to consumers who will be utilizing the credit for any model in the iPhone 15 portfolio. The firm itself has not made any statements regarding the promotion. According to reports, this will go into effect beginning this coming Monday and will continue until June 3rd.

All iPhone models, beginning with the iPhone 7, are included in the list of trade-in values that can be seen on Apple’s website. Something that is that ancient is presently selling for something in the neighborhood of fifty dollars, but a more recent model, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was one and a half years ago, has an estimated trade-in value of up to six hundred thirty dollars.

The estimates that you obtain online are not necessarily going to be the same as what you wind up getting, but they do give you an idea. Because Apple has not disclosed any information on a temporary increase in value, it is not known how much these numbers may increase.

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