For the past three years, Sony has sold 50 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

This year, it is anticipated to have sold three times as many as the Xbox Series X and S.

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Sony has declared in a blog post that the PlayStation 5 has officially reached the milestone of 50 million sales. Taking into consideration the myriad of supply chain challenges that caused PS5s to remain in restricted availability following their introduction in November 2020, that is an exceedingly amazing statistic. In addition, it is noteworthy that the PlayStation 5 was able to achieve 50 million sales in just one week longer than the PlayStation 4, which was not plagued by as many supply chain concerns or a worldwide epidemic but still managed to reach that milestone.

In addition, according to the Financial Times, Sony has outsold the Xbox Series X and S by a margin of roughly three to one this year. The information for this article comes from Ampere Analysis. Ampere estimates that Microsoft sold 7.6 million next-generation systems this year, which is a 15 percent reduction from 2022. On the other hand, Sony’s sales increased by 65 percent to reach 22.5 million units sold. This is even though Microsoft does not provide official Xbox sales data (you may speculate as to why this is the case).

Sony has released a significantly greater number of games that are considered to be must-haves this generation, such as the recently released Spider-Man 2 and anticipated sequels such as God of War Ragnarok. On the other hand, Microsoft has faced some difficulties with its more high-profile releases, such as Halo Infinite and Redfall. It is not difficult to understand why the PlayStation 5 is in higher demand. However, Microsoft may be working toward a different objective. It places a far greater emphasis on promoting subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass, which not only enables gamers to stream games over the cloud but also enables them to play on personal computers with its highest tier.

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