Four iPhone Tricks You Should Try

You Should Give These Four iPhone Hacks a Try


You should check out this fantastic movie by Jon Adam Tech that offers several iPhone hacks. Do you want to get the most out of your iPhone and simplify daily tasks? These four iPhone hacks make the most of the accessibility capabilities of the smartphone to simplify your daily routine, from improving your nightly reading experience to guaranteeing restful sleep. Let’s explore these instantly available, life-improving tips.

Red Screen for Reading at Night

The “Red Screen” option on your iPhone will come in handy if you enjoy reading before bed. This feature lets you apply a red filter to your screen by using an accessibility shortcut. The red hue aids in lowering exposure to blue light, which is known to cause sleep disturbances by interfering with the generation of melatonin. To enjoy your bedtime reading without sacrificing the quality of your sleep, simply turn on this mode. You’ll observe how calming this small adjustment may be.

White Noise for Slumber

The white noise function may be a huge help to people who have trouble falling asleep in busy places. This feature, which may be accessed via an additional accessibility shortcut, muffles distracting noises with calming white noise. Whether you’re in a busy hotel room or at home, turning on this function can help you get a good night’s sleep. This workable method has shown its value in real-world situations, such as loud overnight visits.

Cursor Control Spacebar

Use the spacebar cursor control trick to increase the effectiveness of your text editing. With this productivity tool, you can use the spacebar on your iPhone as an accurate cursor controller. You can browse through text with previously unheard-of simplicity and speed by just using two fingertips. When it comes to managing your digital communications, this function is very helpful for making fast modifications and alterations that will save you time and hassle.

Apple TV Remote Control

Have you ever been on the lookout for the mysterious Apple TV remote? Put an AirTag on it so you can find it with Siri. This simple tip is especially useful in houses that have a lot of guests or small children. This trick not only saves time but also lessens the tiny everyday tensions that might accrue from missing objects by guaranteeing you can always find your remote promptly.

These hacks are intended to boost your productivity and general quality of life in addition to improving the functioning of your iPhone. You can get even more convenience and productivity out of your gadget by incorporating these easy-to-use yet powerful fixes into your daily routine. Explore these tips to see how you may use your iPhone to better meet your requirements, both personal and business.

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