How to register for MTN eSIM in Ghana

Ghanaian MTN eSIM registration process

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eSIM, an electronic form of a SIM card, has been released by MTN Ghana. Other names for it include integrated SIM and Electronic SIM. It’s a tiny chip that helps your smartphone, wristband, or tablet connect to your network provider. It’s put in when the gadget is made.

Installing the “eSIM profile” on an eSIM equipped device activates eSIM, which functions similarly to a real SIM card but is not physically present.

According to a post seen by, the eSIM may be used by both individual and corporate users on a Pay-As-You-Go (Prepaid) or Postpaid basis. We will update customer numbers that are already registered with MTN to eSIM.

In order to get biometric data from new subscribers, they will need to use the Ghana Card and go through the standard registration procedure. After successfully activating your new eSIM, you will receive a free 10GB non-expiry data bundle.

In order to achieve its Ambition 2025 goals and realize its ambition of “leading the delivery of a bold, new digital world to its customers,” MTN has introduced eSIM. Customers will have an improved experience and be able to use more devices that are compatible with the eSIM thanks to this innovation.

It was in 2020 that MTN Nigeria began field testing its eSIM service. The year 2022 rolls around, and the identical product is finally available to consumers in Ghana.

It does away with the current SIM card logistics and instead gives subscriptions to millions of new devices. Immediate connection for the client’s new gadget is another way to improve the customer experience.

Ghanaian MTN eSIM registration process

Here are the procedures you may follow to see if your smartphone or gadget supports eSim:

When using a mobile phone, dial *#06#.
To ensure device compatibility, barcodes will be shown alongside EID numbers. The device is not eSIM compliant if it does not display an EID.

A another way to request your eSIM is using this link:
Clients can also enroll via the myMTN Lite or myMTN App.

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