Ghanaian Twitter employees who were fired eventually receive paid

Twitter employees in Ghana who were terminated finally receive their payoff.

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More than a year after they were terminated from their positions, the agency that represents them has announced that X, which was once known as Twitter, has finally paid up the employees that it terminated from their positions at its headquarters in Africa.

The majority of them had only been working on the social networking site for a few months when they were terminated in November 2022. They were based in Accra, which is the capital of Ghana.

They were going to take X to court for refusing to pay the money that they said they had been promised as compensation for their redundancy.

There has been no comment from the corporation.

X had acknowledged in the past that it has compensated all of its former employees in full.

When Elon Musk took over the corporation in 2022, he immediately began a large worldwide personnel reduction, which resulted in the termination of more than 6,000 individuals. He had stated that he was losing more than four million dollars (three and a half million pounds) every single day.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, the African contingent, which consisted of fewer than twenty individuals, had only recently relocated to X’s new office in Accra. This was after they had spent around eight months working from home.

Even though it did not identify the size of the pay-out, Agency Seven Seven, the business that provides legal counsel to the workforce, stated that it had been successful in its efforts to get redundancy compensation and repatriation charges for international colleagues.

“They are thrilled to finally be able to get what they deserve, put this behind them, and look to the future,” Carla Olympio, who works with Agency Seven Seven, said in an interview with the BBC.

Employees who were terminated from their positions told the BBC that the way they were treated by X hurt both their mental health and their financial situation.

“It’s difficult when it’s the richest person in the world owes you money and the end,” a single individual commented.

We were dismissed by Twitter, and then we were ghosted by the company.
They stated that they were first informed that, even though their contracts were being terminated, they would continue to receive an additional month of payment for their labor. They were immediately prevented from accessing their email accounts, and there were no additional payments made to their salaries.

During the time that followed, the staff said that they had been engaged in a vexing conflict about salary.

Some of them had relocated from nations that were geographically close by, such as Nigeria. They were left trapped in Ghana, together with their families, as a result of the termination of their contract.

Mr. Musk disclosed to the BBC in a rare interview in April of last year that the social media behemoth had 1,500 employees, which is a significant decrease from the slightly under 8,000 people who were employed at the time that he purchased the firm.

In a tweet, Mr. Musk stated that workers who were terminated were provided with severance compensation for three months after the news of his dramatic staff reduction became public.

The staff members who are situated in the Africa office, however, claim that they did not get this.

After the BBC revealed the issue, X reportedly started discussions with the employees who had been fired from Africa. This information comes from Agency Seven Seven.

X was slammed with a lawsuit in a California court last year, which was brought by former workers, alleging that the company had refused to pay at least $500 million in severance payments that had been promised to them.

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