Google deleted the account of a $125 billion pension fund by accident.

The account of a $125 billion pension fund was inadvertently erased by Google.


Google did something wrong not long ago. It was a mistake that the company deleted the secret Google Cloud account of UniSuper, an Australian pension fund with $125 billion in assets.

Because of this, The Guardian reported last week that more than 500,000 UniSuper fund users couldn’t get into their accounts for about a week. UniSuper had a backup account with another cloud provider, and on May 2, the service was back up and running.

The CEOs of Google Cloud and UniSuper said in a joint statement received by The Guardian on May 8 that this was a “one-of-a-kind” event that had never happened with any of Google Cloud’s clients around the world. We didn’t need this to happen. Google Cloud has found out what happened that caused this problem and made steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Google said that this had never happened before in the cloud, but companies and states that are moving more and more of their data to cloud software providers are worried about the chance of bugs and outages. The company said this year that about 60% of the world’s 1,000 biggest companies and 90% of creative AI startups use Google Cloud. Google Cloud is also used by almost 500,000 companies around the world as a “platform-as-a-service,” or client-facing tool. Royal Bank of Canada and Volkswagen are two examples.

Cloud services are being used more and more by the U.S. government and security groups to store data. A $10 billion deal was made between the National Security Agency and Amazon to move the NSA’s spy data to Amazon’s cloud. The Pentagon has a cloud computer deal worth $9 billion with Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Amazon.

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