Google gets rid of “underutilized” Assistant functionalities in order to concentrate on “reliability and quality.”

Google Calendar rescheduling, voice emails, and fifteen more things are being chopped.

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In response to reports that it has let go of “hundreds” of workers from the division, Google has said that it will be removing at least 17 features from its Assistant product. Though many users might still rely on certain capabilities, the corporation is reducing “underutilized features” in order to “focus on quality and reliability,” as stated in a blog post.

The business did not identify any particular issues with quality and dependability, nor did it explain how disabling particular instructions will make Assistant better. However, it did note that user input has helped with previous enhancements, so it’s possible that concerns over Assistant’s fundamental usability have been coming in lately.

Using your voice to send an email, video, or audio message; rescheduling events in Google Calendar; and using App Launcher in Google Assistant driving mode on Google Maps to read and send messages, make calls, and control media are just a few of the 17 features that are being removed. It also outlines the remaining tasks Assistant can complete in relation to those responsibilities, as well as several approaches. Although Google claims these are only “some” of the impacted features, a list may be seen here.

Additionally, the corporation is altering how Assistant functions on your phone. Dukellis stated that the microphone icon in the Google search bar will now only initiate a voice search on Google, “which is its most popular use case,” rather than launching Assistant. The hot phrase “Hey Google” and long-pressing the power button will still trigger Assistant.

It’s noteworthy that one of Google’s early AI products is being trimmed because the company stated it intended to concentrate on AI going forward, following 12,000 employee layoffs the previous year. Google said earlier today that hundreds of employees from at least three departments—assistant, hardware, and core engineering—had been let go.

The firm revealed plans to debut Assistant with Bard, a version that provides customized responses based on events, dates, and conversations saved on your phone, during its October Pixel 8 event. Google did not, however, address whether the changes in that version are related to the limitations of the current Assistant.

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