Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer arrives early, but the game won’t until 2025

The series returns to Vice City with its first female protagonist since the top-down days.

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A day ahead of schedule, Rockstar unveiled the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular video game series. Regretfully, you will not be able to play it until at least 2025.

Ten years have passed since Grand Theft Auto V was published by Rockstar Games. Fans have been waiting patiently—or impatiently—for more single-player action, but GTA Online and a couple of re-releases have more than kept them occupied. With Rockstar releasing the first official trailer for the game and a 2025 release schedule, the wait may finally come to an end.

GTA VI is set in Leonida, Rockstar’s version of Florida, and is mostly focused on Vice City, which serves as the series’ stand-in for Miami, as suggested by a recent teaser picture, leaks, and other reports. GTA VI appears to be a modern game rather than one set in the ’80s like 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, considering that the video has a great deal of live streaming akin to Instagram. However, it’s unclear if those streams are a necessary gameplay element, a purely narrative device, or merely an artistic choice for the video.

Additionally, as the reports suggested, the game seems to feature Lucia, a playable female character for the first time in the franchise’s current version. The trailer also features animals, an airboat, Florida’s marshy Everglades National Park, and, of course, a strip club.

Other than Lucia being incarcerated, most likely at the beginning of the game, very little information is available regarding GTA VI’s overarching plot. However, there are several hints of the kinds of antics you might engage in, such as the typical vehicle chases and robberies. There’s a quick glimpse of an alligator meandering through the gas station store; it seems plausible that your character may be responsible for that. Regretfully, we won’t be certain for nearly a year.

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