Hackers gain access to CoinGecko’s X accounts

Criminals have gained access to CoinGecko's X accounts.

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Users are advised not to connect with the hacked X accounts @CoinGecko and @GeckoTerminal, posing a security risk to cryptocurrency aggregator CoinGecko.

The well-known Bitcoin data aggregator CoinGecko disclosed that two of its accounts had been hacked by unauthorized individuals. The business is acting quickly to safeguard the impacted accounts and is looking into the matter.

CoinGecko stressed the critical need for user security in a tweet, advising users not to interact with dubious information or click on any links connected to the hijacked accounts. Throughout the settlement process, the organization reassures its user base that it will keep them informed and maintain an open line of contact.

This event comes after the SEC’s announcement that the Bitcoin ETF was compromised on Twitter. It highlights how vulnerable well-known social media profiles are in the Bitcoin realm.

CoinGecko is keeping an eye on the issue and responding quickly to fix the breach while maintaining the security of its platforms.

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