Hidden AI Features on Your iPhone Today


Apple has kept its generative AI aspirations covert. However, other forms of AI power iPhone functions like the Camera, Photos, and Siri. 

In the meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been increasingly outspoken about the technology, signaling a big AI push is coming. In February, Cook announced on an earnings call that Apple is investing in generative AI more than a year after ChatGPT sparked a tech arms race. Without details, he added “a huge opportunity for Apple with gen AI and AI.”

The business said that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where it releases iPhone and other device software upgrades, will begin on June 10. Apple may announce new iPhone AI features then. 

Cook kept his comments brief, but Apple research implies the company may be moving on iPhone on-device AI. Apple released new MacBook Air computers this week, calling them the “best consumer laptop for AI.”

Apple alone knows what’s next for the iPhone and other items. These are our favorite AI-based features on newer iPhones for now.

Clone your voice

Apple has an AI component in iOS 17 from last year, but no chatbot. Personal Voice is an accessibility option that employs on-device machine learning to help speech-impaired persons interact with loved ones. The iPhone requires 150 read-aloud sentences to learn your voice. AI analyzes your voice and creates a synthetic one. 

In FaceTime and third-party apps, the iPhone’s type-to-speak features would convert text into speech for this new synthetic voiceStep-by-step instructions for cloning and storing your iPhone voice. 

Copy text from iPhone photos easily.

The front-facing AI function Live Text is accessible on iPhones running iOS 15 or later as of 2021. Like Google Lens, it identifies handwritten and typed text in photographs. Image text may be copied and pasted with a few touches. 

Daily living can benefit from Live Text. Imagine digitizing a handwritten recipe. After photographing the recipe with your iPhone, you might copy and paste the content into a Word document and store it as a backup. This step-by-step instruction shows how to achieve that. 

Competing phone manufacturers have joined in. Magic OS 8-powered Honor Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2 include a comparable Magic Text functionality.

Upgraded AutoCorrect

Apple corrected one of the greatest autocorrect issues in its newest software update. Apple no longer changes your swear word to “duck” or “shut.” 

Swearing is easier now, and autocorrect has improved overall. Autocorrect now provides more precise corrections and customizable inline predictive text. Apple attributes most of this improvement to iOS 17’s transformer language model, which leverages machine learning for word prediction. Data has taught it context and patterns to improve results, such as mimicking human speech. 

Photography know-how

The iPhone’s camera functions are heavily reliant on complex algorithms and computational photography. One example is Portrait Mode, which utilizes AI to recognize subjects and produce bokeh. Cinematic Mode employs AI to imitate aperture and dynamically change focus to keep moving subjects crisp. The Photo app’s AI-powered pet recognition in iOS 17 improves photo organizing.

Future iPhone AI: Will Siri improve?

Siri has been present since iOS 5, introduced in 2011, but it may get smarter. The Information reported in September that Apple aims to improve Siri using big language models, a key component of generative AI. That post showed how Siri might use basic voice commands to perform more sophisticated activities like converting photographs into GIFs and forwarding them to a recipient. If true, Apple’s digital assistant has advanced significantly. Apple already employs AI to help Siri understand language and respond like a human.

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