How to block specific Ads on YouTube

How to block some YouTube advertisements

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The simplest solution to this issue is to subscribe to YouTube Premium and turn off all of the advertisements. There is, nevertheless, a free option as well.

The user-targeting advertising algorithm used by Google makes repetitive ads a systemic problem. As previously noted, YouTube Premium allows you to completely remove advertisements and never worry about them again. However, not everyone wishes to pay YouTube $14 a month. Although it costs nothing, the other option demands more work.

How to disable YouTube adverts

In the video, click the small “i” circle icon that is located just above the play/pause button in the lower-left corner.

After the video pauses, the “My Ad Center” pop-up window will show up. Some details about the advertiser and the purpose of the advertisement are provided in the pop-up. Additionally, there’s a link to adjust your “Ad Settings.”

On “Block Ad” at the top, click.

After clicking, a notification will appear informing you that while you won’t see this particular advertisement again, the advertiser’s advertising may still appear.

To confirm, select “Continue.”

This ad has been banned. You have the option to “Report Ad” from the same pop-up if you thought the advertisement was offensive or inappropriate in any manner.

Sadly, you cannot accomplish this using the YouTube apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The identical “i” circle icon may be seen in the video’s lower corner, suggesting that you should be able to. However, when you open the “My Ad Center” window, there isn’t a “Block Ad” option. Sucks.

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