How to Accelerate a Laptop

Capability Building: How to Make Laptop Faster

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My supervisor is a person who demands prompt results. Consequently, it can be annoying for me when my delay is brought on by my computer operating so slowly that opening a file takes forever.

Recycle Bin is Vacant

We are aware that when we delete anything, it is sent to the recycling bin, where it remains until it is emptied, but we frequently fail to do so. You may permanently remove these files and regain the used disk space by emptying the recycle bin.

Empty the Downloads folder

Sometimes we keep downloading without realizing how many files we have. Move the remaining files to the proper locations, then delete any you no longer require. Enter Windows E, choose Downloads, and browse the files you’ve downloaded.


Search for “uninstall” and then click on “add or remove programs.” Remove any that have duplicates or those you are not utilizing. You may have many instances of the same type of program or app, such as a video player. Choose one, then remove the others.

Transfer of large data to a D Drive

It is possible to free up space on drive C for your operating system by moving large files to a D disk. The OS and its associated system files are located on the C disk. This greatly affects how quickly or slowly your machine performs. Simply retain every file on the D Drive and access the ones you use the most frequently. File storage will be done on the D Drive.

Eliminate caches

Caches have a tendency to build up over time, slowing down not just your computer but also your search engine.


My laptop is once again operating nicely before this procedure. I thus skipped this step. Although I would not go to such extremes, I am included it here as a possibility or last resort. The bother of having to reinstall Windows, MS Office, etc. is beyond my means. Everything will be eliminated, including viruses. Before doing this, I think it’s necessary to copy all crucial files to a hard drive. Because they will be deleted, be sure there are no crucial files remaining.

Increasing RAM

This is also a little over the top and will cost money. For instance, you may increase from 4GB to 8GB of RAM.

Taking care of your possessions and developing your skills are both essential components of independence. My goal is to keep up with technology. I occasionally even jot down the fundamentals I should be aware of regarding my laptop, smartphone, internet connection, etc. Funny how even a 10-year-old is smarter than I am.

This will facilitate your productivity. Through your computer, you may communicate with our pals online through chat rooms and other websites. By prolonging the lifespan, you’ll be able to put off buying a replacement and save some money. We use our computers for amusement as well, so we can watch cool movies or play dance music on them.

I myself use an i3 laptop for work and producing the articles I post here because these duties don’t require a particularly powerful machine. For gaming, I use a Ryzen-powered PC. I use Mist Survival and Stranded Deep, which I purchased from the Steam website for $20.

Even though I’m not very skilled at gaming and feel annoyed when I can’t fight bandits or go fishing in Mist Survival, I still play. Even when I write, I hope and know that I am improving.

I also want to use my computer for freelancing, which is something else. I am aware that in order to become accustomed to accounting software, I must use it. I currently have allergies, which has put a halt to that plan, but it’s alright; I will try again once I’m okay. Life may throw us curveballs occasionally.

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