How to stop Meta from using your Facebook info to train its AI

How to stop Meta training its AI using your Facebook data


Meta uses the content that people post on its social media sites, like Instagram and Facebook, to train its AI.

Users of Instagram and Facebook should have recently gotten a message telling them that Meta will be using their posts and pictures to train its AI goods and services. Users can choose not to follow this link if they wish to.

Meta says on the Gen AI privacy page, “We also use information shared on Meta’s Products and services.” This could include things like pictures or posts and the words that go with them.

You may still be processed even if you don’t use our products and services or have an account. This is so we can build and improve AI at Meta.

That means that if someone posts something about you on Facebook or Instagram, even if you don’t have an account, Meta’s AI tools will still use it to learn more about you.

How to stop Meta from teaching AI on Facebook

You can choose not to have your data and information used for Meta’s AI goods, like the new Meta AI helper. If you see a message about AI training on your Facebook page, click on the message and then on “right to object.” If not, you can also click this link to go straight there.

After that, you need to say where you live, your email address, and why you don’t want Meta to use your information to train AI. Writing “I don’t like my data used” is one way to do this.

After you send it, Meta should let you know that the material you post will not be used to teach AI. Notably, this still doesn’t cover when you show up anywhere in a picture that someone else shares on Meta’s services or when someone talks about you in a post or description that someone else shares.

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