How to use your iPhone to make a vlog

How to Vlog with Your iPhone


Vlogging is becoming more and more popular as a way to share our lives with the world through social media and digital stories. If you have an iPhone with you, you have everything you need to make interesting, high-quality vlogs that show what your experiences are really like.

This step-by-step guide will help you learn the art of iPhone blogging and make content that your audience will enjoy, whether you’re exploring the lively, busy Covent Garden or just talking about your daily life.

Getting your iPhone ready to vlog

It’s important to make sure that your iPhone is set up to give you the best video and audio quality before you start shooting. To do this, follow these important steps:

  1. Buy an external microphone. The built-in microphone on the iPhone is fine for casual recording, but adding an external microphone can make the sound quality of your vlogs much better, especially when filming in a busy place like Covent Garden.
  2. Learn the settings for the camera on your iPhone: Take some time to play around with your iPhone’s camera settings, such as the frame rate, brightness, and focus. If you learn how to use these changes, you’ll be able to take videos that look more professional and work with different lights.
  3. Think about using a steady add-on: Buy a stabilizing device like a stand or gimbal to keep your camera from shaking and get smooth, stable video. This is very helpful for shooting while walking or moving around.

Getting Interesting Video

If you haven’t already, set up your iPhone and get ready to film. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get artistically interesting footage:

  1. Change the way you film: To keep your vlogs interesting and lively, try using different ways to film them. Talk to the camera directly to connect with your audience on a human level. Also, try shooting from different angles and moving the camera in different ways, like panning or walking shots, to make your footage more interesting to look at.
  2. Record a range of scenes: If you’re shooting in a place like Covent Garden, try to get a variety of scenes that show off the place’s unique character and feel. It could be street artists, market stalls, cute cafes, or small architectural features. Each shot you take should add to the story you’re sharing and bring out the most interesting parts of your environment.
  3. Pay attention to the light: The way your footage is lit can have a big effect on its quality and mood. The golden hours, which are right after sunrise or before sunset, are the best times to film outside because the light is soft and appealing. If you’re recording inside, stand near a window or use extra lighting to make sure your subject is well-lit and easy to see.

Editing your vlog

Once you have all of your footage, it’s time to put it all together in a way that makes sense and is fun to watch. This is how you should go about editing:

  1. Pick the correct editing software. For example, iMovie and CapCut are two video editing apps that you can get for your iPhone. Get one that fits your goals and level of skill, and spend some time getting to know its tools and features.
  2. Pick out your best clips: Choose the best clips that fit your story and show off the most interesting parts of your experience as you go through your film. Get rid of any unnecessary or bad video clips to keep your blog short and interesting.
  3. Give your story a flow: You should put your clips in a way that makes sense and helps the viewers follow along with your story. Use transitions, like fades or splits, to connect scenes smoothly and keep the flow of the video.
  4. Add voiceovers and text: To give your vlog meaning and commentary, you might want to add voiceovers or text that appears on the screen. This can help your story make more sense and help you say what you’re feeling and thinking more clearly. Write a script for any voiceovers and make sure it goes well with the pictures and adds to the story as a whole.
  5. Add music and sound effects to make the experience better: Adding music and sound effects to the background of your blog can make it more enjoyable to watch. Pick tracks that go well with your story and images, and change the volume of the sound to make sure it is clear and balanced. Make sure the music doesn’t get in the way of your speech or conversation.

Getting your vlog finished and sharing it

Make sure your blog is finished and ready to share before you post it by making the following final changes:

  1. Go over and improve: Watch your updated vlog all the way through, paying close attention to the flow, effect, and speed. Make any changes or tweaks that are needed to make your story move better and clearer.
  2. Add a title and some text: Make a catchy title and description for your vlog that correctly describes what it’s about and makes people want to watch it. Use important hashtags and terms to make your posts easier to find on social media sites.
  3. Send and receive: Once you’re happy with the last change you made, export your vlog in a format and size that works for the site you want to use it on (like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube). Get people to share your work with their followers and respond to their comments and feedback to make your content feel like a group.

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